The stars shine bright!


to my Online Portfolio!
Allow me to introduce myself: my name's Jenny-Jinya and I'm currently living and working in Berlin.
I'm an emerging artist and my experiments in the matter of digital art mixed up with traditional art, was already part of many exibitions in germany. I've illustrated for magazines, websites, theatre-projects, brochures and games.
You'll find more about my latest works on the MAIN section (vita).
Also I'm running one of the biggest, well-known, international Joan of Arc Website ("Sister page") .
Otherwise feel free to enjoy my current projects, Illustrations and photographies.

I'll update this website with my latest works constantly.
Updates will be declared on the front page.


"Also ich würde sagen was deine Mangas angeht, könnte man die sofort so abdrucken"
- Marvin Clifford -

"Man sieht die Liebe zum Detail, die Tiefe in der Gestik und den Zauber in den Farben. ~"
- CAndrew -


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